Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eczema Update

If you haven't seen Ian's story yet, scroll down past one post to the first of his pictures and the beginning of our journey.

After a year, I can now say that the acupuncture and WindBreaker drops are definitely what has helped Ian with the eczema.  The correlation between visits and his skin clearing up can't be ignored.  I still have a hard time believing this is what worked, but I am so grateful to our neighbor who kept nagging us to go, and my husband who finally made the appointment when I kept dragging my feet.

The acupuncture has actually gotten a bit harder.  As Ian gets better, he's liking the needles less and less.  In the beginning he didn't even flinch when the needles were put in, and he would actually hold out his arms and legs.  Now, he fights it a bit.  Fortunately, the acupuncturist thinks it's great, since it means he's not dealing with pain on a daily basis anymore. 

Here is Ian in July, in Utah.  You can see he had a bit of a set back in the hot, dry air, plus, he hadn't had his treatment for about three weeks.  We went in for the acupuncture as soon as we got back home.  Within three days of getting the "needles", he was fine.
Three weeks later.  You can see how much better he does when he's getting his treatment.  It's really amazing, and so wonderful to see after nothing else had worked!
Here he is in November.  Still looking great.  Our incredibly heartfelt thanks goes to Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubenstein at the Yin Ova Center in Manhattan.
This last picture was just taken in March.  You can see that not only are the scaly patches and scabs gone, but so is the redness that used to be present even when he wasn't actively scratching.  We have gradually started to spread out the time between acupuncture sessions.  He used to go in every two weeks, but we're up to four now, and will try for five weeks.  He still takes the WindBreaker drops daily, but I've forgotten them for two or three days at a time.  Sometimes he breaks out again (in one or two small spots), but sometimes he's fine.  It seems to depend on how much stress his body is going through at the time; if he has a cold, or is going through a growth spurt, it seems to be a little worse.  At our last visit, Jill said it looks as though he might not need them anymore.  That makes me incredibly happy (but we'll have to go back every now and then just for a visit)!

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